Fulldome parties

Full F#&%ING FUN

In 2015 NEST launched with our first fulldome event: ABYSS, a fulldome party of epic proportions! From that moment, the technique and quality improved but the concept still remains the same. The DJs mix the beats and a VJ (Visual Jockey) mixes real-time 3D environments and visuals inspired by the music. This is an immersive party where the senses are solicited in many different directions!


Ideally, a 13.4 m dome or larger would be preferable. Once you contact a local music collective of DJ’s all you need is a sound system, projectors, a real-time video server such as our NEST Video server and VJ’s who are familiar with the aspects of fulldome live performance. Don’t have any in your area? Contact NEST and ask about our specialized training and 360° content creation workshops.

3D Realtime Painting

VR to fulldome

We hosted this unique artistic performance at Hubweek Boston 2018. Professional painter (Tomek Sadurski) used VR technology to paint live 3D immersive environnements. With the additional virtual fisheye camera which represents the dome screen, the artist could move the camera position (the audience) through the artwork bringing the audience into the heart of his virtual paintings.

What you need

Ideally, a 13.4 m dome or larger would be preferable. For the VR component, a computer running HTC VIVE with Masterpiece VR, outputting into a real-time video server such as NEST Video server.



The merging of live musicians, vocalists and visualists creates a powerful ambiance with the audience at the center of the performance. The creative possibilities are limitless when we consider the flexibility of the dome space being used as a stage to include artists across all disciplines. Audio/Visual performance, music shows, theatre, dance, live painting, storytelling, poetry. The dome is not just a canvas but an instrument itself being manipulated and played by artists (and sometimes the audience) simultaneously through high-resolution imagery, multi-channel sound, interactive technologies and more.

What you need

Our experience and your imagination. =) Contact us with any ideas or proposals.

NEST video server

NEST server case


You would like to host a live show in your dome, but your existing system doesn’t have live capture capabilities. No worries! We’ll send you an 8K NEST video server which can easily be adapted to your existing projection system, up to eleven 4K or 44 HD projectors!


⇒ Preparation time including existing systems study
⇒ Delivery to anywhere in the world
⇒ Camera based projector auto-calibration kit
⇒ Multi-channel audio interface
⇒ NEST technician on-site for installation and tests
⇒ List of all Video/Audio equipment and adapters needed for integration
⇒ 24/7 remote assistance

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